Grab This Household Essentials Sample Box For $15 And Get $15 In Credit


Tired of running out to the store to pick up cleaning products? Who isn’t!?! Actually, I’m not. Leaving the house without family is my second favorite pastime right behind “hiding from them in the hole I dug in the basement.”

Instead of running to the store for every damn thing, check out this household essentials sample box. For a limited time, buy this sample box for $14.99 and receive an equivalent credit to use toward a future purchase of select household products. That’s free money people!

Each box contains 10 or more samples from participating brands on the stuff you use like Purell Hand Soap, Germ-X Hand Sanitizer, napkins, Kleenex and paper towels. Stock up your pantry, supply closet or your own hole in the basement.


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