Adidas Team Issue Duffel Bag Is A Must-Have For Weekend Warrior Dad


My gym bag is almost as important — and almost as overloaded — as my laptop backpack. The gym bag has workout clothes, shoes, a case for toiletries, random exercise equipment like a jump rope and even protein bars. Yes, I’m basically a gym hobo. My entire life is packed into a sack hanging on my shoulder. All that’s missing is a can of beans. You’ve haven’t lived until you’ve eaten a can of beans while sweating on an elliptical.

Long story short — a guy needs a gym bag with several compartments and room for all his clothes. This adidas Team Issue duffel bag has all that and then some. The Team Speed Duffel Medium is built for superior team functionality. There’s an easy-access front pocket, an inside pocket for valuables (or cans of beans) a ventilated compartment on one end and a mesh drop pocket at the other end.

Best of all this adidas team duffel is only $30. It’s a perfect size and perfect price.


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